Picnic Perspectives: Interview with Queen Nefertiti

| July 11, 2013

Picnic Perspective
Queen Nefertiti
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Eric Hackley: What are your comments about this Frost Illustrated picnic?

Queen Nefertiti: I think it’s a great sign of unity in our community, when blacks come together in Fort Wayne on a joyous occasion such as this picnic.

EH: It is often said that Fort Wayne blacks are unwilling to publicly speak their mind. 

Queen Nefertiti: Some blacks are afraid to speak out because of their mental enslavement and unwillingness to participate in community activities. I think it’s a shame that we have blacks like that here in Fort Wayne. I feel sorry for them for living in fear. I make it a point to attend everything about black people because I like to know what’s happening.

EH: I interviewed you years ago when Rev. Jesse Jackson was here and you said that Fort Wayne blacks in general were way behind the rest of the nation. How has your opinion changed over the years?

Queen Nefertiti: My opinion hasn’t changed. I think we’re still way behind and getting further and further behind. In larger cities, blacks are working together and becoming more supportive of causes for their blacks. Here in Fort Wayne, we’re still divided, stuck in a “me, myself and I” syndrome and not thinking about others.

EH: Do the churches have a role in this equation?

Queen Nefertiti: The ministers and churches need to come together and I’m looking forward for the day that happens.

EH: But, you said that 15 years ago when I interviewed you and nothing has happened yet?

Queen Nefertiti: I said it then and I’m still saying it. Eventually they’ll come together, I believe. Something will bring them together. It might be the Lord.

EH: So we have to wait on Jesus, Okay.

This article originally appeared in the July 10 print edition.

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