Interview with Dean Robinson

| August 31, 2013
Dean Robinson (Photo: Eric Hackley)

Dean Robinson (Photo: Eric Hackley)

‘These bankers, the government; they’re all crooks, every one of them’

HACKONOMICS by Eric Donald Hackley

Eric Hackley: To get our show started in this first “State of the Hood Community Address,” we want to hear from Dean Robinson.

Dean Robinson: It’s a pleasure to be back here on Hackonomics. You know, the last time I was here on Hackonomics, I was an angrier young man because I was pretty much fed up with these systems that people fall prey to. And, what you’re gonna find is that people choose the systems of governmrnt religion, entertainment, education. And what you’re gonna find is that we are just subjects of propaganda.

Now people who watch the local news are familiar with the latest shooting, at a local nightclub where two young men were killed and the TV media is loving it.

They love to cover stories about murder and death—because that’s what they do best. Fort Wayne TV stations cannot get enough of death, murder, war, mayhem, and rape. They will not show anything of any pertinent value. Every night on their news cast, they give the viewers a chance to pick from one of three dumb stories; usually a story that’s gonna have a squirrel on roller skates, or another dumb Youtube video with a dog barking, but these are the kind of choices that local news channels give to its viewers, because they believe you’re dumb, and America does play dumb because it’s easier to choose idiocy.

I’m finding that in Fort Wayne, we don’t get any real news, no real pertinent information. So we got an economic meltdown going on globally. But the Fort Wayne media refuses to cover it. I actually called a local news director. He was in the midst of a recent election where people actually think that voting for one politician over another, we’re actually get something out of it. We’re voting for a bunch of crooks. Now, local news managers, they’re covering these crooks and their lies, spending so much time covering what everybody else is covering, which is idiocy and violence. Well they’re not gonna cover this economic meltdown; they’re not gonna tell you anything about the Federal Reserve being a cabal of private banks. Then what we get to do is just borrow money from the Federal Reserve, which just thinks of money out of nothing. The Federal Reserve thinks of money out of nothing. Then the United States Treasurer draws up the nice pretty IOUs that we call treasury bonds, and then American citizens pay the interest on that junk. The United States government’s national debt is reaching 16 trillion dollars. What good is a debt instrument from a government that is 16 trillion dollars in debt? Yet somehow, the Federal Reserve says, “why don’t we just keep giving money to the U.S.?” Well, why won’t we keep loaning money to the U.S at interest? Then fools like us are gonna pay for all this junk, all this deficit spending, all these wars we’re gonna pay for it through the I.R.S.

The Internal Revenue Services, extracting money from citizens to pay for government debt, for wars, for all this junk that we don’t choose but we have to pay for. If you don’t pay, you might go to jail. I’m telling you people, I’m tired of it and I’m not bowing down to this system. I’m not trying to pay their income tax. I’m not trying to work for any of these corporations. Right now, I’ll tell ya folks, P.H.H. Mortgage Corporation is trying to foreclose on my mortgage. But, the only problem is that P.H.H. Mortgage Corp. does not own my mortgage, so they’re not a party of real interest. So these mugs can’t get anything, they just gave me my house.

So, you’re gonna find people, when you call these mortgage companies, they don’t own the mortgage, they don’t own the promissory notes, they just own service rights, just to take your money. So, we’re gonna keep paying these banks because people don’t know better. But, I’m gonna let you know, folks, get to know these systems that rule you. Get to know regulations that rule you. Don’t just watch “Dancing with the Stars….” That’s not gonna help you; your fantasy football teams, all these football stats, that’s not gonna help you. Understanding the Federal Reserve; understanding the U.S. Treasurer, the bureau of the public debt, which borrows money. The bureau of the public debt borrows money to pay for all of our government systems. Do you understand this, people? Your tax dollars don’t work, your tax dollars pay the interest on those treasury bonds that the U.S. Treasurer prints up nice and pretty and sells to the Federal Reserve: a cabal of private banks that thinks up money, buying right to nothing. So people, yeah I can kick it like this…I’ve done my homework. I’m not a slave, I’m a free man, but what are you?

The other day, I was in this very library, talking to one of the librarians. I thought this person had some sense, had some intelligence; so I was kicking it about these government systems. But this librarian, this government employee thinks that political talk is “boring.” She doesn’t like political talk, it gives her a headache. So what we’re gonna find is that our citizens choose to be weak, choose to be foolish because it’s so easy. And, then when you look at the people running our country, these bankers, the government; they’re all crooks, every one of them.

Now, we got people looking to Barack Obama like he’s gonna help somebody—no, he’s just the crook in charge! Getting all this money from Goldman Sachs, all these banks; and he loves the Patriot Act, loves torture and loves war. Where’s the changes people can believe in? There is none. So people, what do you choose? Are you gonna follow these crooks or are you gonna educate yourselves and be free? I think you’re gonna keep following. I think you’re gonna keep following because this world is full of followers, and leaders; but more followers than leaders. But we got so many fools in this country, thinking that the president represents their interests. He does not. You have representatives for that. Quit looking to your president as a politicized figure, your president should not be introducing legislation, should not be campaigning for candidates, should not be going around the world acting like he’s creating jobs. He’s just a liar and a front man for the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and the Federal Reserve money gang. But it’s up to you people, to educate yourselves because if you keep looking for leaders, you will follow them off the edge of a cliff. But those leaders, well they’re gonna be in a helicopter, flying about you, watching you fall; watching you fail….and flail.

So, Eric, I can talk about this for days, but you got other guests here. But, I do wanna promote my album “Dean J.” Go to; download this mug and you can actually listen to it for free! You can listen to it at because my message, it’s more important that its heard, I don’t care if you buy it. You don’t have to. Thank you!

Hackley: Let me ask you a couple of questions. Assuming your observations are accurate, what can we do? What can individuals do to help their community, help Fort Wayne, help America? What can we do?

Dean Robinson: Thank you for asking that question, Eric. I can tell you what people can do. Number one, if you are a homeowner, got a mortgage, stop making those mortgage payments. Stop it! Call your mortgage service company and ask them who the owner of your mortgage is? Stop paying those mortgage payments because you’re paying into a black hole of crooks that do not have the documentation that says that you owe them anything. Stop paying your mortgage!

Number two, stop eating McDonald’s. The Big Mac is poison…..McDonald’s is pumping sugar in to all the stuff. Do you realize that we have an epidemic of diabetes and high blood pressure, all this junk, based on the food we’re eating?

So stop paying your mortgage, stop eating McDonald’s and the money that you save from your mortgage can do other things. You can stimulate the economy.

Thank you.

Eric Hackley is a veteran independent journalist, television show host and producer focusing on family history in the black community. His award-winning public access television shows have featured a host of local and national icons. Hackley can be contacted at


This article originally appeared in the Aug. 28 print edition.

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Eric Hackley is a veteran independent journalist, television show host and producer focusing largely on history, particularly family history in the black community. His award-winning public access television shows have featured a host of local and national icons. Hackley can be contacted at

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