Interview with Brother Nuri Muhammad, student minister of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan

| June 5, 2013
Eric Hackley and Nuri Muhammad photo

Eric Hackley (left) and Brother Nuri Muhammad of the Nation of Islam. (Photo: Courtesy of Eric Hackley)

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301 Years after Willie Lynch, is slave mentality perpetually self-refueling?

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THE HACKLEY REPORT By Eric Donald Hackley

Eric Hackley: Willie Lynch may have given his speech in Virginia, but his descendants live in Fort Wayne. My question is, in the Willie Lynch letter, it talks about how if the slave mentality isn’t corrected within the first 300 years, it will become perpetual. It has now been 301 years, what’s the verdict?

Brother Nuri Muhammad: Believe it or not, I had planned to lecture on that today. When Willie Lynch came to America, he was hired by the American white slave master as a business consultant. Didn’t you know slavery is a business? I said “is,” not was. Slavery is a business. How do we know if slavery is not still in effect if you didn’t know what the purpose was in the first place?

Slavery is a business. What’s the aim of a business? You start a business for profit. But, anyone who starts a business has a goal of turning their business into a turnkey operation. What that means is that you don’t want to have to be there putting in your own sweat equity at work to be able to get that profit from that business. So anyone who starts a business creates job descriptions, bylaws, rules of conduct, a system that can be put in place where you can be on vacation in Florida and your business is still making a profit even though you’re not physically there doing any work.

Slavery is a business and the aim of the slave master is to never have to stand over us with guns, dogs, whips or to keeps us shackled in chains. They had to figure out a way to come up with some bylaws, some rules, some system to keep the slaves in check. Thus that’s what the public education has been, that’s what religion has been and that’s what our music has become. That’s what te-lie-vision is, telling a lie through the vision of the programs on television and the radio. It’s designed to take the chains off the ankle, off the wrists and put it on to the mind. It’s design is to turn slavery into a profitable turnkey operation where they don’t have to be there with any chains, whips, dogs or guns, but where “we” will keep ourselves in check.

So, brother, what Willie Lynch said in 1712 was, “Gentlemen, what I have in my bag is a foolproof plan for the control of your slaves.” Control, right? Now look at what he said: “If implemented effectively for one year, the slaves will become self-refueling or self-perpetuating for 300 years, maybe even 1,000 years.” The year 1712 + 300 years = 2012. Technically, we should be out of the Willie Lynch curse. So why are we still in it?

Willie Lynch said, “I use fear, envy and distrust for control purposes.” You see, he’s not using physical chains. He’s using mental chains. Fear, envy and distrust are things that happen inside the head.

What’s interesting though, my brother, is that the Bible says about man that God did not create man in the spirit of timidity. He created man in the spirit of power, love and self-discipline or sound mind.

So here God created man’s brain to be originally on a frequency of power, love and self-discipline. Willie Lynch came to alter the frequency of the original man’s mind. So God put three things in: Power, love and self-discipline, that’s the channel we’re supposed to be on. Willie Lynch comes and changes the original channel. He replaces power, love and self-discipline with fear, envy and distrust.

Have you ever used a Universal Remote Control? When you buy a Universal Remote Control, they tell you that in order for you to get that remote control to control your television, you have to put in a certain code. Once you put in the code for that device, now you can control that television wirelessly. If you have a remote control car, airplane or helicopter, what makes that one remote control be able to control one car and not the other car? It’s because both the remote and the car are on the exact same frequency. When they are on the same frequency, this device can control that car, but this device cannot control that car. So what Willie Lynch did was readjust the frequency of our mind where now we are set up on fear, envy and distrust so we only respond to white people whenever they say move.

So when Marcus Garvey was among us, he was trying to tell us, but we weren’t on his frequency. When all of our leaders of the past who are now gone had been telling us things, but we were on a different frequency. But, as soon as white people say something, we move to the left or to the right as directed because we are adjusted to the frequency of our slave master instead of the frequency of God. So when God raises up messengers, martyrs, revolutionaries, teachers, we heard the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and we moved a little bit, but we didn’t follow him like we should have.

We’ve got the minister in our midst right now sending powerful signals to us, but because our brains are still adjusted to that old Willie Lynch frequency, we don’t hear him whenever he speaks and we don’t respond.

So this is the math real quick. After he says he uses fear, envy and distrust for control purposes, that’s for the readjustment of the frequency of our mind when we would be ill-equipped to hear the power of God talking to us.

Then Willie Lynch said, “I have outlined a number of differences among the slaves and I have made them bigger than what they really are.” He said, “I’ll put the old against the young and the young against the old. The male against the female and the female against the male. I’ll put the dark against light and the light against dark, The short against the tall and the tall against the short, coarse hair versus straight hair, those from different plantation against one another.”

So when you do the math, Willie Lynch named 11 different natural differences that we have as people and turned them into unnatural divisions.

So he said, “if you institute my plan, it will be self-refueling and self-perpetuating for 300 years, maybe 1,000.” Here’s what that means. If 11 differences produces 300 years of disunity, that means that every time we accept a new label to define ourselves, we add an additional 27 years three months and seven days of disunity. If 11 differences produces 300 years of disunity, to get it to 1,000, all we have to do is come up with 36 titles that we call ourselves by. So now we’re not just light and dark and male and female, now I’m a Hebrew Israelite, I’m a Jew. I’m a Sunni Muslim, I’m a Shiite Muslim. I’m a Baptist, I’m a Methodist. I’m a Kappa, I’m an Alpha. I’m a Sigma, I’m a AKA. I’m NAACP, I’m an Urban League Member. I’m a Democrat, I’m a Republican, I’m in the Green Party. You know what I’m saying. We have all these new artificial labels that we have accepted and all it takes is for a people to have 36 differences to produce 1,000 years of perpetual disunity. And you know we have more than 36.

I’m a Cripp, I’m a Blood. I’m a GD, I’m a Vice Lord. I’m a Insane Vice Lord, I’m a Civilized Vice Lord. I’m a Black Keystone. I’m a traveling Vice Lord. I’m a BD. I don’t know what the hell is going on. No, you’re none of those. You’re Black and a Child of God! All the rest of that stuff can go to hell! If we get rid of all that other stuff and we say I’m Black, you’re Black, I’m a Child of God and you’re a Child of God, well we’re fractions by ourselves but with a common denominator, two fractions can become a whole number. So lets just come together and break this curse once and for all. That’s how we do it. I’m not saying that you should not take pride in whatever you call yourself, but it should be subordinate to what God made you.

EH: I appreciate your commentary here today, I wish I had the opportunity to interview you for an hour. I have two gifts for you. I gave you a Frost Illustrated already. Now this is our Fort Wayne HIS-Story Reform 2013 Calendar where we have created a Black Think-Tank of selected Fort Wayne blacks and we aim to unify Indiana blacks. We have enough ingenuity around this state to pull ourselves out of this Willie Lynch mess. And here are three great Indian chiefs who have been greatly ignored in our Fort Wayne history.

My last question today is, our black intellectuals won’t touch the subject of Willie Lynch because nor the syndrome because they can’t find a Willie Lynch birth or death certificate. What do we say to people like that?

NM: First of all I want to thank you for the two gifts that you have given me and to tell you on behalf of Minister Farrakhan and our Nation how much we appreciate your effort to continue to unite our people. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said that our unity will solve 95 percent of our problems. that would be a lot of our problems gone just from our unity.

For those who want to say that Willie Lynch and his story is a myth, in the Law of the Universe called Karma, in cause and effect, what ever the effect is, there has to be a cause that produced the effect. It’s impossible for the effects of everything in that letter to be in existence if the cause of that Willie Lynch was not a real figure. We are faced with the epidemic of those things he said in that letter is based on science. In terms of finding the origin of things, we can’t find the origin of us. It has been said that it is easier to trace back to the exact tree that a 2×4 in your wall came from than it is for us to find out what our original name was before we were kidnapped and brought to America. The ability to trace back our history being that difficult does not mean there was not a Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. It does not mean that we are not kidnapped and made into slaves. So the fact is that what we see in our people are the effects of this syndrome. This lets us know that he was a live scientist of evil business consultant hired by American slave masters to teach them how to use more ingenuity with their business called slavery. They did it then and it’s still in effect now. There are some Jewish writers who claim Jesus never existed and has never been on earth, period. But, we know because of his work and his word, that he was in existence. So to dismiss Willie Lynch after they dismissed Jesus, it’s a small thing for them to do.

EH: Thank you.

NM: Thank you, my brother.

Eric Hackley is a veteran independent journalist, television show host and producer focusing largely on history, particularly family history in the black community. His award-winning public access television shows have featured a host of local and national icons. Hackley recently produced two historic calendars. “The purpose of the ‘2012 Fort Wayne Blacks Declare War on Willie Lynch Slave Mentality Calendar’ and ‘2013 Fort Wayne HIS-Story Reform Calendar’ is to stimulate local interest, debate and action to correct the American History lies and distortions used to brainwash blacks and retard the literacy and relevance of Fort Wayne History,” explained Hackley. Both calendar documents are for sale at the Fort Wayne Urban League. Hackley can be contacted at

This article originally appeared in the May 29, 2013 print edition.


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Eric Hackley is a veteran independent journalist, television show host and producer focusing largely on history, particularly family history in the black community. His award-winning public access television shows have featured a host of local and national icons. Hackley can be contacted at

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