I don’t want my daughters to marry the wrong man!

| June 6, 2013


Dear Gwendolyn: I am a 46-year-old black man who has three little girls under my care. I want the very best for them as any father would want. The problem is I don’t want them to end up with a bad man. I don’t trust today’s men. Most of them are cheaters and want to play games all the time. If they can’t make a fool out of a sista, they want nothing to do with her. I know this is like hating on the brothas, but this is what I see every day. I just don’t want my girls to be ‘baby mamas’ or someone’s fool.

Gwendolyn, what do you think? Am I too hard on the brothas?


Dear Jim: Yes, you are being too hard on the brothers and overlooking the fact that all men regardless of their race or background show acts of violence and cheating—not just brothers. However, more media attention is given to minorities and those coming from poverty and who are destitute.

Too much bad image is given to men and little or none to women. Men are not the only cheaters. Look at some TV talk shows and you will see that women are cheating as men, even maybe more. Tell your daughters when they become of age to marry, don’t focus so much on the race of a man, but become concerned—about his character.


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