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| March 27, 2013

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following comments were posted on the Frost Facebook page in response to Brother Tyrone Cato’s commentary on violence in the community (click here to read it), culminating in an in-depth piece by Midwest activist, commentator and youth advocate Brother Diego Morales, who also has contributed a number of commentaries to Frost Illustrated.

Metra Collins: Thank God someone is speaking up!

Evelyn Frierson: For some reason, black folk have taken the “loyalty” construct to a whole new dimension and don’t understand that living among murdering spirits is not something we should subscribe to, even if it is Cuz’n Pookie, or Baybay… it’s time out for this crap! I love your commentary Brother Cato—you’re heading is so on point! Keep that sh** in the ’hood…y’all keep killin’ up your own kind, we don’t give a sh** about that, just don’t bring it into my neighborhood. HUGE CONTRAST!!! We could learn something behind yesterday’s incident. This is tragic. My prayers are for each and every friend and family member involved in these horrific events.

Tyrone Cato: Order must be restored amongst the people who are the origin of people.

Diego Morales This is an outstanding observation. There are two items to be addressed here; as Ms. Evelyn has pointed out, the first order of business is to recognize that violence among our own should not be acceptable. Now, let’s look at that for a moment. Is it that the minority community feels unprotected by the system and that’s why people decide to “mind their own business?”

How do we put faith into a system that exploits and oppresses us? Yes there IS blatant oppression towards minorities within the system.
I sincerely hope that as a people we DO care about our community and neighbors and youth, so for someone to turn a blind eye and appease the aggression by tolerating such behavior has to be for fear of their own safety; a sense of abandonment from the system that is in place to protect us and our rights.

Appeasing aggression only invites more aggression. The key to changing that is educating ourselves and others… this ties into the second item that was observed here by Mr. Tyrone: why do the authorities lack conviction (no pun intended) when responding to or investigating crime in disenfranchised neighborhoods?

The message is loud and clear—it isn’t going to change itself. As a people, we can’t even blame the system any longer; it exists to feed itself.
Dig on this for a minute: What would happen if the high crime areas cleaned themselves up? Budget cuts at the police department! [Cops out of a job? We can’t have that! We need those ignorant minorities to keep killing each other] We the people have the power… we the people choose to not exercise that power correctly and then have to pay the price. It IS a huge contrast indeed, like night vs. day…but if we keep choosing to live in darkness?

Brother Malcolm once said: “ You can’t legislate good will—that comes through education.” Let’s look at the word “legislate” for a moment. Whatever has been accomplished through laws and within the system is OBVIOUSLY not enough, it’s NOT working. So, isn’t it time that we take steps in order to secure our future?

People will readily invest in a retirement plan—401k is so commonplace it has practically become cliché, but what about investing in the youth? The people who are going to be the work force and more importantly the leaders of tomorrow are often overlooked, discounted, disregarded and disenfranchised.

The gentleman above is correct! Order MUST be restored! We need to educate the youth, get them to understand that violence and all that other bullsh*t is simply part of the systematic oppression that is in place to hold us back.

Brother Malcolm also said: “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” I see these young cats out here talking about dying for something When I ask them to forget what they’re willing to die for and tell me what they’re willing to live for, the faces go blank. It’s time we rise, we need to wake up as many as we can and seek the truth and let it spread. We CAN make a better tomorrow, but it has to start NOW!

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