Video Epistle to the Churches: The importance of controlling one’s thoughts

| July 31, 2013

Click here to view the first Epistle about the need to conduct better stewardship over our words.

Excerpts from the video by Bishop Malcolm Howell:

We’ve been sort of sharing with you about what God has to say about our mouths….

The Bible says in Proverbs 18:21, death and life is in the power of the tongue. That’s a powerful statement and we need to kind of evaluate that statement.  That means we need to be better stewards of our words

I’m kind of following up on that and sharing some things with you. But, I want to connect your words with your thoughts. In other words, you really can’t say anything until you think it out. You can’t change your words unless you change the way you think. And, we need to just renew our minds and begin to think like God wants us as believers so I want to talk just a few minutes about thoughts, words and deeds. They’re all connected together….

And, the scripture I want to use is Proverbs 23, in seven it says, in the “A” part of that verse, “For as a man thinks, so is he.” What it’s saying is you can’t be any more than your thoughts. And, it’s important that we think correctly because if we think right thoughts, we can speak right words and we can do right deeds. The opposite of that, if we think evil thoughts or wrong thoughts, we’ll speak wrong thoughts and we’ll do wrong deeds…. So, if you want to change your life you’ve got to change the way you think.

Sometimes, we try to change things outwardly, which is really just religion. We try to do things outwardly but it’s not in our heart. But we need to change inwardly. We need to change what we think, how we think.

Words our just thoughts verbalized. We’ll never be able to get a handle on our words unless we deal with our thought life….

It is said that you have 10,000 thoughts a day…. That’s fascinating to me because most people don’t think they think that much but they do. And I’m saying, you need to think about what you’re thinking about. And, then you need to ask yourself why are you thinking those thoughts?

Are those thoughts conducive to you being a better person? Are they conducive to helping anybody, being  a blessing to anybody?

And, let me just say, all of the thoughts aren’t from God. A lot of the thoughts… Satan will place thoughts on your mind. That’s what he does. And then a lot of it, you really can’t blame Satan, it’s just your flesh. You’re thinking fleshly, carnal thinking. So, we need to be better stewards over our words but in order to do that we’ve got to be better stewards over what we think.

That same text goes on to say… “For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” And then the verse says, “He says ‘eat and drink’ he says unto you but his heart is not with you.” So the text is say, the guy is saying, “Come on, get you some more, eat and drink,” but his heart is not in what he’s saying. Now, it sounds good to the person that he says, “Come have some more food,” but to God, it’s called hypocrisy.

He’s saying one thing with his word that is pleasing to people but to God, it’s displeasing. And what we must understand right here is that God knows our hearts. That’s what He looks at. So again, we have to go further than just having a religious experience. We’ve got to change our hearts, change the way we think so we can change our words, thus changing our deeds.

Bishop Malcolm Howell, along with his wife Pastor Jacquiline Howell is shepherd over Harvest Word of Life Ministries, 2260 Lake Ave. For more information about HWOL Ministries, call (260) 422-5750.


This excerpt originally appeared in the July 31 print edition.

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