Divine love: The only really healing force for the community

| April 11, 2013

By Brother James Jones and Brother Eddie Townsend
Special to Frost Illustrated

May the blessing of healing come upon our community, by the mercy of the Most High.

Confusion and fear grips our community as we watch in disbelief the mayhem and carnage on the evening news. This is the work of the demons.

Our city is literally under attack by the forces of evil! Murder caused by self-hate, and domestic violence caused by over whelming stress and a lack of problem solving skills to cope, creates mental destruction again, self-hate; and crime is increasing at an alarming rate with no end in sight.

Some of our youth and adults are caught in the death cycle. Crime and violence are their way of life with nothing positive to aspire towards. This is the result of indifference and non-love by those who could help others but don’t.

The problems and stresses of our community are many but not beyond repair. Fort Wayne is a city of churches, mosques and temples, with good people who can turn these problems around but only with the help of God!

What’s needed in our leadership is a true love for (ALL) people with no partiality or special interest groups with hidden agendas as has been done in the past. True leadership uses righteous principles as their foundation. Authentic leadership is intelligent thinking, and the ability to think critically in difficult situations with the skills to bring all the elements of our community together, where none are excluded. Those worthy of this kind of honor in leadership are also courageous. Perfect love casts out fear! The simple fact is young people need our help, we can’t be afraid of them—they are our children. We must love and support them and help them build strong successful futures! We must be real, not weak, fake or dishonest. We have to be strong, humbled with love. Cooperation will come when the value of true respect is earned amongst people both young and old.

No organizations, no matter how good they are can do this task alone! We must work together in the interest of the youth and community only! The petty feuds that exist between people must stop, and those of organizations must be reconciled.

This letter is in no means an attack against persons, or organizations. This letter was forged in the spirit of many who love our community and are tired of seeing hurt and destruction being done to our families and incorrect leadership! The wellbeing of our present and that of our children’s future is at stake here. Hidden agendas must stop! Using the problems of the community to gain publicity off the mayhem and carnage must stop!

God is love, God is strong, and God serves the health, the interests, and the rights, and fulfills the needs of our community and of our youth. Without humility and love no work will be complete.

These are the steps we need to take towards achieving community wide healing

To do this work it requires the help and cooperation of everyone.

Step 1. Establish a council of elders made of experienced competent men and women.

Step 2. Establish a council of Fathers, and of Mothers who research and repair the issues of family.

Step 3. Teach all the youth the knowledge and righteous history of who they are! And, help them cultivate the richness of who God created them to be—helping them develop their gifts, talents, skills, and anointings—and help them learn the science of life and relationships. This is what we owe them! Establish youth councils, groups for males training, and females training, and groups where both genders are trained and educated to work together.

With the Most High, all things are possible; without, none are!

“If my people will humble themselves pray and repent and turn from their wicked ways and seek my face then I will here from heaven and heal their lands.”

—2 Chronicles 7:14

Editor’s note: Brother James Jones and Brother Eddie Townsend long have been concerned about the spiritual health of the community. Brother Jones pointed out that he considers it the work of that of a waiter—serving what the Mighty One presents to the people.


This article originally appeared in our April 10, 2013 issue.


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