Democracy and Despotism: Real leaders serve all people

| June 6, 2013


Many scales have shifted our community with the notions of democracy and despotism. The south side of town has been affected most due to education, economic and also political and social matters. When despotism outweighs democracy, information and important values that can embrace our community go to waste. When democracy is in effect, large numbers of voices can be heard to create a change.

We all know in America whoever holds the most information makes the most money by selling ideas. But, in Fort Wayne, it’s a bigger issue—especially when our local government system is despotism. So as a community, we have to create a scale in our homes, spirituality and social times on what’s best for the people. These are personal and community values that can benefit younger generations to come and also paint a better picture of who we are today. No matter what your position is in our city, if you don’t reach out to all demographics you’re not a leader in your community. In social clubs, yes, you can be but, for the community, we shouldn’t use the term leader when it only serves personal interests. That’s a strong passage for despotism when our community should be reformed on democracy that fits all demographics.

Many people say, fight to stop violence. We can, but it’s a conflict of interest if we don’t stand up to fight for our rights of freedom. We all are part and parcel of this government.

Peace and blessing to all.


This article originally appeared in the June 5, 2013 print edition.


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