Confronting enslavement mentality

| April 25, 2013
(Left to right) Cedric Tinker, King Mufasa and Prophet Heru discuss the problem of “slave mentality” in the community. (Courtesy photo)

(Left to right) Cedric Tinker, King Mufasa and Prophet Heru discuss the problem of “slave mentality” in the community. (Courtesy photo)

By Eric Donald Hackley

KEKIONGA Black Warriors Series 

Part one of two

Kekionga Black Warriors: African Americans with a deep interest in Black History, but who also have a sincere interest in the history of the land upon which they reside.

Following is an interview with Cedric Tinker, King Mufasa and Prophet Heru. The purpose of the following forum is to share African American’s views on two psychological concepts that for hundreds of years have worked together harmoniously to help shape American blacks and white people’s consciousness and reality. Those two concepts are enslavement mentality and historic white supremacy.

Eric Hackley: What is slave mentality and where does it rank in the hierarchy of black community issues?

King Mufasa: Slave mentality to me is when you resign yourself to go along with the status quo. For example, I grew up down south. Fort Wayne to me is one of the most prejudiced communities I’ve ever been in my life. I know there’s prejudice here and a lot of other brothers know there’s prejudice here, we just don’t speak on it. They say, “What can you do man? It’s been like that for the longest.” We go along to get along. That’s slave mentality to me. When you don’t want to fight and you’re content to be kicked like a dog. On the hierarchy of issues affecting the black community, I think slave mentality ranks the highest. In order to change the other problems, you first have to get rid on the slave mentality.

EH: When did you first become aware of slave mentality?

Cedric Tinker: I became acquainted with it through the way blacks step on each other trying to get to the top. They feel that they have to impress the white man, instead of sticking together.

Prophet Heru: Slave mentality is one of the base problems with us. I was just talking about it with a friend today— how if we knew ourselves, we would love ourselves. We’ve been taught to be lazy and to think negatively, so we don’t take the time to learn who we really are. We take someone else’s opinion and they tell us we’re everything but the sons and daughters of God, which is who we are. By us not knowing who we are, it’s easy for us to hurt one another.

We’re like a young elephant who has been chained to the ground since being an infant. As an adult it has the power to break free, but it won’t. People here don’t know we’re free. So they don’t think there’s anything wrong with being kicked around, they get their check every month. “I can eat. I can go to the food bank every month.” Things are made comfortable enough for us so we won’t fight.

King Mufasa: If you want to keep a black man quiet, give him something he can’t normally have. In my opinion, they give us white women. Since so many brothers have white women, they won’t deal with black and white issues. You give them the daughter you don’t care about and they get happy, “I’ve got me a white woman.” They’re not going to tell their biracial kids that they’re really black. You’re caublasian. (A caublasian, according to the urban dictionary is a person that is mixed with Caucasian, Black and Asian ancestors, a term coined by Tiger Woods) That undermines the blackness.

When brothers impregnate white women and when they’re out of the picture, a white woman can’t teach a black baby to be black. Therefore, a lot of biracial kids grow up not knowing and are ignorant of their own blackness, so they’re not going to address the issue of blackness either. And that’s the way it is.

I was talking to a brother a couple of weeks ago and the first thing he said to me was, “I don’t mess with those sisters man,” and he’s just as black as me. So I asked him, “Is your mother black? And I assume you have a black sister?” “Yes, but” no, you don’t mess with those black women, and you must see your mother and sister as being unattractive? In this instance, the blacker the berry, the juice isn’t sweeter to those brothers. This issue can never be addressed by singing and marching. They gave us February Black History Month and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge to shut us up.

EH: Should the Willie Lynch component of slave mentality be addressed as a myth?

Cedric Tinker: If it was a myth, it was alive yesterday and is alive today. It started out as a means to control the black man through the black woman. It was a way to break us apart and break us down.

EH: Do you really think a white man would be smart enough to devise a plan 400 years ago that would have us confused today?

King Mufasa: Yep. I’ll say it again. The white man is a master of deception. That was just a small part of a plan that he put together. He’s been formulating plans and watching them grow into fruition for years. Did you see Shaka Zulu? They tried to trick Shaka with religion. They talked about how Christ was going to get him. But, Shaka didn’t fall for religion because he thought he was God himself. Since Shaka was concerned with immortality, they eventually tricked him with black hair dye that removed the gray from his hair to convince him that they had given him the fountain of youth. The Europeans said that If they can’t win him over through Jesus and religion, they’ll “trick him with bullshit.” They won him over, eventually leading to his downfall. If white men can come up with simple plans like that, just imagine what they can do.

EH: Is the curse of enslavement mentality so deeply embedded within us that it’s there permanently?

Prophet Heru: It is deeply embedded within us, but with God always comes redemption. Like the Word says, “If we turn away from our perverse ways and seek God with all our heart, then He’ll restore us to our land and our birthright.” Everyone is going in their own direction. No one is giving God the power and glory. They’re giving themselves the power and glory. Until we repent, that’s how it’s going to be. Once we repent, the curse will be broken. It’s a spiritual thing.

Cedric Tinker: Whites have a mind control over blacks and they’re just sitting back watching us for entertainment.

Prophet Heru: It’s not for entertainment, it’s for survival. Their reason for creating a climate for us to destroy ourselves is to perpetuate their life cycle. They have a fear of being genetically annihilated. If you want evidence that Willie Lynch is alive, many of us have grown up heartless, cold and callused and our kids have grown-up playing Black Ops to desensitize murder. When kids get 19, 20 or 21, its nothing to shoot somebody and the kid walks away before the body drops. That’s evidence.

King Mufasa: If you want evidence Willie Lynch is alive, all you’ve got to do is step outside, look around and watch the news. You’ve got old against the young, young against the old, male against female, light skinned blacks against dark skinned blacks. I was recently at a friend’s bachelor party. There was a dark skinned stripper running around discriminating between the light skinned clients and dark skinned clients and she was as black as tar. “I don’t like dark skinned men, I find them unattractive.”

If you’re curious about what other factors help to condition our mentality, how many brothers will pick up a book or watch a documentary? If it’s a documentary, brothers don’t want to hear that. But, if you say here’s a DVD with a lot of killing and other BS going on in it, they’ll flock to it.

As far as how “divide and conquer” works on us, take the example of three or four black guys out of work and looking for a job. One guy gets a job. All of a sudden he’s happy and won’t tell his friends about other possible job openings. All of the sudden his friends are no longer good enough. Some find a good job and move away from the blacks. Even in the household where the husband and wife both are unemployed. The wife finds a real good job and the husband is still going to Labor Ready. All of the sudden he wakes up and finds out that he is no longer good enough for her. That’s why so many sisters have nothing good to say about the black man.

Next week, part two: Growing beyond conditioning.

Eric Hackley is a veteran independent journalist, television show host and producer focusing largely on history, particularly family history in the black community. His award-winning public access television shows have featured a host of local and national icons. Hackley recently produced two historic calendars. “The purpose of the ‘2012 Fort Wayne Blacks Declare War on Willie Lynch Slave Mentality Calendar’ and ‘2013 Fort Wayne HIS-Story Reform Calendar’ is to stimulate local interest, debate and action to correct the American History lies and distortions used to brainwash blacks and retard the literacy and relevance of Fort Wayne History,” explained Hackley. Both calendar documents are for sale at the Fort Wayne Urban league. Hackley can be contacted at

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Eric Hackley is a veteran independent journalist, television show host and producer focusing largely on history, particularly family history in the black community. His award-winning public access television shows have featured a host of local and national icons. Hackley can be contacted at

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