| May 22, 2013

EH: What do you say to blacks who say “We’ve talked enough. I need a job!”

Yonah: Then create one. What do you like doing? Blacks have been ready, but too stupid to understand it and because of our own ignorance, entrepreneurship is not a visible option to them. We’re too busy worrying about what someone may say. To hell with that from now on. It’s time for us to step up. Our agenda needs to be focused on what we need to do, then do it! Until we consider starting our own businesses, no one else is going to step up and help us.

EH: Why do too many blacks praise whites even when it is inappropriate or unnecessary?

Yonah: Because they have been taught that this white Gentile called Jesus Christ is their master. The name Jesus Christ who is their God, Creator and Savior is the reason why. That’s the reason why their heads are so messed up. Earlier you were talking about brainwashing. Brainwashing starts at home by us being sent by our parents to church and Sunday school all the time, to get the wrong information about who, what, when and where. In doing so, blacks have been brainwashed into believing that this white boy Jesus Christ was their sole master which means that all white people are their sole masters. They’ve been taught this in school. Everything they’ve seen on television that has been good, everything they’ve read in school books historically is always about white people and their “so called” goodness to the world. Not forgetting the story that they’ve stolen, killed and raped throughout their history. Not just women, but countries. Same thing they’re doing in Africa right now, still raping for her minerals and everything. Now the Chinese are over there for the gas in the ground that the Africans should be able to get themselves, but they have forces blocking them from doing it. So with all these different things happening, when it comes to our “so called” black people, this is how we get blocked out and we’re not open minded enough to see these things and what’s going on. Every four years we vote for a mayor. When are we going to have a black mayor and when we do, what difference will it make? Who will be pulling his strings, telling him who, what and where to do?

You got a person sitting on Fort Wayne City Council right now, for all intents and purposes, isn’t doing anything because if he was, he’d be pushing for a lot more to go on over here on the south side. All the things that I see going on around this city, you don’t need to worry about who’s going to get what. What you should be doing is helping them to get theirs so they can help you get yours. Collaboration is the key. Every other race in this city collaborates together amongst themselves to help each other.

E: Many blacks have a 1960s Civil Rights Era mindset and want to do everything through the church, that has resulted in a regressive stagnation since then. Should pastors be expected be social, political and economic activist leaders today?

Yonah: No, because they’ve learned the game of pimpology. A pimp has to keep his ladies in line mentally, emotionally and sexually. The pastor, in order to control his people, he has to lie to them, control and beat them. How does he do that? By giving them a religion that’s not theirs in the first place.

EH: I think most pastors would disagree with you.

(EY) I don’t care. If I had a pastor with me right now, I would ask him to show me where in his bible you’re told to form your religion and I will give him $100. Show me in the bible where it told you to form any religion and I’ll give him another $100, and he can have the $200. As a mater of fact, if you can really show me right now, I would give him $300 right now! Show me in the bible where it says to form a religion? There is not one preacher on this earth that can read in his bible and tell that lie. Because they know if they do, they’re going to expose the lies they’ve been telling, because it’s not in there and never has been there.

The bible is against all of man’s religions, all of them. It never taught man to be religious. It taught man to worship one individual and that was the creator. It did not teach him to worship John, Peter, Paul, Luke, Matthew, Mark or any of the rest of them. It didn’t teach you to worship Jesus. None of that’s in there. That is all man’s doing. It doesn’t teach you to celebrate Christmas, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. That’s all religious dogma. And because they cannot prove that, I’ll sit down with them any day of the week and then after trying to find a way out of that lie, I’ll bring question number two. I’ll ask them why do you collect tithes every Sunday and ask for other offerings throughout the week? I’ll answer it for you, it’s because you’re pimping the people. You try to find every little thing that you can misconstrue in the bible and turn it around to hurt the people so you can control them. They cannot prove me wrong on that! I’ll sit and talk with any number them, imams, rabbis, preachers, priests or the pope any day of the week.

EH: Are you suggesting they’re all agents of white supremacy?

Yonah: White supremacy has nothing to do with it really, not along this line of thought. Because the majority of preachers in Fort Wayne who have a 501 (c)3 and are agents of the United States Federal Government and part of FEMA. FEMA has control over them. Anything they are told to do individually or as a group, they have to do it. When they signed that contract to get Federal Grants, they have to follow through on the requirements of getting that money.

That’s why I keep telling everybody to read the FEMA directives. For example, if we had 5 bombs explode in Fort Wayne and no one knew what was going on. The first thing that will happen is FEMA will tell the pastors to get with every one of their parishioners, and we’re going to move them out of the city away from danger. We have a camp set-up for them. Make sure you notify the ones who are Hispanic and black. The rest will be located in a different camp. Then FEMA will ask, how many of you have guns and do you know anyone in the city who has guns? Then they’ll round up the gun owners, because they’re next on the list. This is all in the FEMA directives. This is how they’re going to work it as disasters, or ever how they need too. Especially if Martial Law is declared.

EH: The NRA enthusiasts around Fort Wayne won’t like that.

Yonah: The NRA people around here will be against it. That’s for sure.

EH: That would create a Civil War in the State of Indiana.

Yonah: That will create a Civil War anywhere in the United States. It’s coming anyway and is actually taking place right now, only on a smaller scale. That’s why all these test beds are going, like the one they just had at the Boston Marathon. Even a Boston news reporter said, “if it was really meant to be like al-Qaeda, that BOMB would have been massive.” It would have been a lot more carnage. It would not have been two or three people dead, it may have been two or thee hundred dead and thousands wounded. The test was done to gauge the responses from the people. So it was just a test.

Things won’t get any better in America until we get away from religion. When we get to the point where we leave religion alone and get back into the scriptures. We need to start doing right by the commandments and laws that are there in the scriptures especially the first 10, and faithfully follow through on them the way we were supposed too. Then we will see an edification of the true meaning of who we are as a people. Why do you think the media is so hard on the so-called Black Hebrew Israelites? It’s because the media wants everyone to think that they are such a racist group. But you don’t hear them talking about the Ku Klux Klan of Fort Wayne like that. Or the Tea Party, which is another name for the KKK. So you’re part of the Boston Tea Party, well Boston just got served. Do you understand the scenario? Everything happens for a reason and there are things going on around us that a lot of people don’t know about because they are too afraid to open their eves and see.

If there are any imams, rabbis, preachers, priests or if the Pope wants to challenge or debate Elder Yonah, contact me (Eric Hackley) and I will have my camera and microphone available.

Eric Hackley is a veteran independent journalist, television show host and producer focusing largely on history, particularly family history in the black community. His award-winning public access television shows have featured a host of local and national icons. Hackley recently produced two historic calendars. “The purpose of the ‘2012 Fort Wayne Blacks Declare War on Willie Lynch Slave Mentality Calendar’ and ‘2013 Fort Wayne HIS-Story Reform Calendar’ is to stimulate local interest, debate and action to correct the American History lies and distortions used to brainwash blacks and retard the literacy and relevance of Fort Wayne History,” explained Hackley. Both calendar documents are for sale at the Fort Wayne Urban League. Hackley can be contacted at


This article originally appeared in two parts in the May 22 and May 29, 2013 print editions.

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Eric Hackley is a veteran independent journalist, television show host and producer focusing largely on history, particularly family history in the black community. His award-winning public access television shows have featured a host of local and national icons. Hackley can be contacted at

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