Brother, take care of your own children!

| May 22, 2013

ASK GWENDOLYN By Gwendolyn Baines

Dear Gwendolyn: I need your advice. I am having some serious family issues. This is the problem: Four years ago I was in a terrible car accident. I was in a coma for six months. When I woke up, I discovered my left leg had been amputated below the knee, and my right leg was amputated at the ankle. I stayed with my mother for one year then moved in with my aunt. My mother is keeping my brother’s children. He has four boys and two girls. I moved because his children were being cruel to me. My mother tried to stop them, but could not discipline them. My brother does not want anyone to correct them when they do wrong—not even my mother.

Another issue is when my fiancé learned of my new physical condition, he quit me. Help me please. I get so depressed at times.


Dear Rhoda: I am glad that you made the decision to move in with your aunt. When parents don’t want their children to be disciplined, they will cry later. My mother’s saying was, “Best for me to discipline you because the police won’t.” Your brother needs to keep his own children. Hopefully, your mother will return that responsibility to him.

Rhoda, try hard not to be down in spirit about your condition. Think about it. Many car accidents result in the passenger being killed on impact. You are so blessed, you went into a coma and—you woke up.

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This article originally appeared in the May 22, 2013 print edition.


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