Bishop Howell working hard for community

| March 21, 2013

By Cathy Serrano

I recently was approached by Bishop Malcolm Howell, of the Harvest Word of Life Ministries, and in the process of learning a little about what we do here at Metropolitan Human Relations Commission and introducing ourselves, he invited me to attend an event—“We Say No” (to violence)—he holds quite often on Saturdays at Harvest Word. As it turned out, I was one member of a four-member panel, which also featured the Euell Wilson Center, Wayne Township Trustee’s Office and Lifeline Youth and Family Services. To this event, church members, community leaders and really anyone in the community who was interested in ways to better our community and reach out were invited.

Each of the panel members introduced themselves and spoke a little about their organization. Although I knew of each of the other organizations present, I learned some very valuable information during the course of the nearly two-hour event. There were questions from the audience, and a chance to socialize a bit afterwards and make new friends.

I thank Bishop Howell for inviting me to participate, as I believe it is important to get the word out about our function, and I salute Bishop Howell for his foresight in sponsoring these informative discussions.

If you are approached by Bishop Howell to participate in an event like this, I urge you to take advantage of the opportunity. Irrespective of your particular faith or belief, or the type of service to the community that your particular organization provides, it is an avenue to share the mission of your organization and to learn more about opportunities to serve others or to share ideas about areas of concern in the community. I found it a very refreshing and inspiring afternoon, and well worth attending.

Cathy Serrano is executive director of the Metropolitan Human Relations Commission.

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