Ask Gwen: My husband’s girlfriend feeds him while we starve!

| July 5, 2013

ASK GWENDOLYN by Gwendolyn Baines

Dear Gwendolyn: I know you have given advice to many and I do hope you can help me with my problem which is: 1) my two-year-old daughter is underweight from lack of food; 2) my mother-in-law never helps me; 3) my own family don’t help me. While my child and I are starving, my husband is gaining weight. I recently was told he is going with a lady in the neighborhood. Source said he is eating at her house.

What can I do? I don’t want my child to go without food. I don’t work.


Dear Jennie: Then, go to work. I can appreciate your love for wanting to stay at home and be a mom. Your situation is not as bad as it seems. Don’t feel downhearted because no one is extending a helping hand. That’s life. The same happened to me and the same has happened to others. I once lost a car only having two payments left. My parents didn’t have any money, but my aunts did. Like you, I had no help.

Jennie, the reason I said your situation is not bad is because you can work and still stay at home. How? This new age, girl. Broaden your knowledge. Get trained in a field that will allow you to make a paycheck right from your kitchen table. Or, eventually start a home-based business. Don’t wait on a grant, but go to the nearest fast food and flip hamburgers, put your money in the bank and eventually “Bingo,” you got start-up money.

As to your husband, you may need to focus on going it alone. Don’t concern yourself with the woman who is feeding him. Let me tell you this: When she is tired of your husband, she will put something of danger to the body—into his food.

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This article originally appeared in the June 19 print edition.

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