Ask Gwen: I’m in love with my teacher!

| July 27, 2013

ASK GWENDOLYN by Gwendolyn Baines

Dear Gwendolyn: I am 14 years old and me am in lov (sic) with me (sic) teacher. This is the situashun (sic): Last school year we had a new music teacher. I fell in lov (sic) with him firsth (sic) sight. He is married with four children and I am wunderintg (sic) if I should let him no how me feel bout him.

Before falling in lov (sic) with him, me was talkin (sic) to a man me met onlime (sic). Me was getting ready to meet me onlime (sic) friend in person, but when the teacher cam me new me didn’t halfto (sic) go onlime (sic) again. The teacher is for me.


Dear Jewel: Thank you for writing to me. I always like to hear from you youngsters—before you do something wrong. I need to go and take some aspirins because your spelling is horrible. Let me tell you this: You are growing too fast. If not careful, we will read about you being a missing person. You are too young to be online or to have your eyes on a married man with four children.

Do not approach your teacher because men, whether married or single, don’t have control of their body. When a flirt is offered, their brain doesn’t quite function in a sensible way.

I don’t know how you have gotten this far spelling worse than a first grader. If you don’t go back to being a child, your life is going to hard. By the way Jewel, you stated “the teacher is for me.” No he is not and in fact, no man is for you at your tender little age of 14. Think about it. Being an adult is not as much fun—as it seems.

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This article originally appeared in the July 24 print edition.

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