A plea for justice

| November 18, 2013

hand with bulletsWriter’s fiancé, cousin among unsolved Fort Wayne murder cases

By Valencia Ray
Special to Frost Illustrated

I was born and raised in Fort Wayne. I moved away years ago and have moved back at times for family. But, the reason for my cry for help is that there are too many murders and they aren’t being solved. I have family members who have been murdered and we have not received any justice for them. So please, help our community.

Brandon V. Pearson, 33 years old, was murdered May 3, 2012. As I write this, I ask God to guide me, give me strength. It is now nearly two years since my fiancé Brandon was murdered. His killer—or killers—is still walking the streets.

There have been so many unsolved murders that have taken place in Fort Wayne. I know someone out there knows who gunned down Brandon in front of his home while his children were in the house asleep. My message and voice are to ask you to speak: It’s not snitching—it’s called justice. If it was your loved one, you would want the same.

Lewis Haney

Lewis Haney


Brandon Pearson


My cousin Lewis Haney was murdered Sept. 27, 2009. My cousin moved to Fort Wayne from Birmingham, Ala., because of high crime. Lewis was sitting in his car with a friend in front of my aunt’s home when two cars started shouting at each other. Lewis decided to drive off, putting him in the middle of the gun battle. Lewis suffered from multiple gunshots. Some say he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

With my cousin’s death, it’s like going to the license branch, being given a number and when called, you throw the paper number in the trash. Well that’s how our family feels when it comes to his murder and case. Nothing else has been said or done. If anyone knows or has heard anything about who was shooting that night Sept. 27, 2009 please say something. My cousin didn’t deserve this nor did his little girl, who never met her father.

Lewis and Brandon have children, family who want justice. This cry for help is not only for Brandon and Lewis, but for the murders that have taken place here in Fort Wayne. Grieving families are forced to live with the fact that their loved ones’ murderers are never caught and that our justice system does not seem to care. If anyone has information that will help catch Brandon’s and Lewis’ killers or any others, please come forward. Let’s come together as a community to make Fort Wayne streets safe again.

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