A bridge past community violence

| October 1, 2013
Denise Porter-Ross Leathers

Denise Porter-Ross Leathers


Did you ever consider what a wondrous project a bridge is? Someone, working with many others, had to have the desire to get from where they were, to where few had gone before, via an untried method, on the faith that the engineering plans that they developed would actually work. That is why I am so pleased that the community group that sprang forward out of the violence and difficulties that we have experienced this past year in our city is using the name, Building Bridges to a Better Community.

We all know that the new downtown Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge is a beautiful physical tribute to the commitment of the civil rights leader to seek a better life for all of us, regardless of race. This local group continues to build on Dr. King’s dream with an action plan that will make that dream a reality. But, to get across barriers that still exist in our community, a bridge is needed.

In a community meeting on Sept. 19, this group unveiled the Fort Wayne Community Action Plan Against Violence to the public. The group began more than 600 strong in March 2013. While we like to say that we are all willing to do whatever is necessary to stop the violence in our community, the time is now to align our actions with our rhetoric. We all have another chance to show our commitment to this cause by reading this Action Plan, and determine which steps we can take individually and collectively in the months and years to come. You can read this document directly below this article or contact the Fort Wayne Urban League for a copy. Then, let’s continue to work together at future events to make this bridge a dream come true.



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Denise Porter-Ross Leathers has worked with faith-based and community initiatives in Fort Wayne for over 25 years. After 10 years on the staff of the Mayor for the City of Fort Wayne, Denise now works with Fort Wayne Urban League and other non-profit organizations teaching self- sufficiency programs.

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